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DGN Handwound Pickups


Authentic Handwound "PAF" Style Humbucking Pickups

Each pickup is hand "Scatter" wound for amazing tone.  All of my humbuckers feature the highest quality parts available including:

Nickel Silver Base Plates

Nickel Silver Covers

Maple Spacers

Plain Enamel Single build 42 guage wire

AlNiCo 2,3,4 or 5 Magnets

Authentic PAF Style Butyrate Bobbins

Vintage Braided 2 Conductor Wire

Non Wax Potted or Wax Potted


Available in:

Low Wind - 7.2 neck, 7.8 bridge

Standard Wind - 7.6 neck 8.2 bridge

Outputs are approximates and may vary by +/- .2 ohms.

Price per Pickup - $125.00

Nickel Cover (std or raw) add $10 per pickup

Gold Cover add $15 per pickup


All pickups are handwound to order.  Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery.