Fine Handcrafted Electric and Acoustic Guitars



Pickups, Electronics, and Controls


I have many options for electronics and can customize the system to meet your particular needs.  If you have something in mind for your custom guitar, please don't hesitate to ask.


CTS Potentiometers

Switchcraft switches and jacks

Mojo Paper in Oil Capacitors

DGN Hand Wound vintage style pickups -

Humbucker, P-90, and Strat/Tele Types available.  The specs of each pickup are customizable to your personal taste.



Graphtech Ghost Piezo System - $300.00

Simply amazing acoustic tone from your solid body electric guitar.  This is the most advanced Piezo system on the market today.  Click the link to read more about the Ghost Piezo system.

Luxe Repro Capacitors - $50.00

Hand Made Reproduction Bumble Bee Capacitors.  For the best possible tone circuit, upgrade to these NOS Paper in Oil capacitors.

Stellartone Tone control - $100.00

16 notched positions for precise tonal shaping

Alessandro Products Potentiometers - $200.00

Hands down the very best guitar control pots available today.  These custom made Mil. Spec pots have the perfect taper for a guitar Volume or Tone control.  If you use your Volume and Tone alot, these are the pots for you.

Custom Unity Gain Buffer Circuit - $80.00

Perfect for mutiple effects pedals, large pedal boards, and long runs of cable.

The electronics sytem featured below includes - Alessandro 500k Pots, Luxe Repro Bumble Bee Capacitors, and a Custom Unity Gain Buffer Circuit.